Onward! Into 2015 and Beyond!

2014 has passed and despite the trials and tribulations of a runaway master’s degree program, teaching, and other assorted mischief we did manage to get started on playtesting the revised Night Brood ship designs and rules, a major first step in restarting Silent Death: The Next Millennium! Once we have enough playtester feedback to make some determinations, we can publish a revised edition to the Night Brood supplement, and make the Grubs in all their biotechnological nastiness both playable and finally *enjoyable* to play with and against.

2015 begins with our continuing the process of juggling professional commitments with our ambitious hopes and dreams for bringing Silent Death and Bladestorm back to our loyal fans in improved, updated formatting. We have been very fortunate indeed to have two very talented people come on board voluntarily to assist us in our efforts! Adam Peszel is an old Silent Death fan like Dr. greaves and I, and he brings some considerable talent and imagination as a 3D and graphics design artist to the party. Adam was instrumental in giving us our first new ship display sheets literally in years and using current programs and methodologies, allowing us to get past the largest immediate hurdle we’ve been stymied by for far too long. Adam is now working on ship displays and ideas for logistical hulls in the Campaign System, and 3D modeling of several other ship designs with an eye towards 3D printing new ships for Silent Death: The Next Millennium.

Sebastian Klapdor is Our Man in Germany and all around Uber Fan of things Bladestorm. Sebastian is as talented as they come, and has begun to work on bringing Bladestorm forward into the 21st century in a systematic fashion, one playtest and eye candy project at a time. He’s ongoing serialized playtesting sessions of Bladestorm featuring his cadillac fantasy skirmish gaming table are a real treat for the eye, and no less so are his well painted miniatures including classic sculpts from the team at RAFM Miniatures and the incomparable Mark Copplestone of Grenadier Miniatures and Copplestone Castings fame. Well worth a look just for the eye candy alone!

Moving forward into 2015, our goals include the following:

1) Finish revising and updating the Night Brood for Silent Death: The Next Millennium.

2) Finish revising, playtesting, and publish the Ship Design Rules in a revised edition of the Silent Death: The Next Millennium rulebook.

3) Introduce for playtesting our new science fiction space opera skirmish rules set in the universe of SD:TNM, the deadly and vast expanse and thousands of worlds of Terran Space. These will utilize the same
Metal Express Dice Engine mechanics already proven so well and thoroughly by Bladestorm and SD:TNM.

4) Introduce for playtesting our first foray into historical miniature wargame rules utilizing the Metal Express Dice Engine that drives SD:TNM and Bladestorm. This will be a one to one scale skirmish system
for the Second World War focusing on tank and infantry combat, the sharpest of the sharp end of warfare during the greatest conflict in human history. Our initial effort will focus on the Early War campaigns
through France and the Low Countries, where a surprising number of tactical engagements occurred that were neither one-sided nor ended in the favor of the German panzerwaffe, desperate fights where the odds
were more even than the German propaganda newsreels ever even suggested (or the German soldats present cared to endure).

Situational Awareness (SA) will be a critical component of game play in this system, as the reality of tank versus tank combat like aerial dogfighting was who spotted who first (and was able to shoot first

5) Print on Demand Miniatures for Silent Death: The Next Millennium. We’re exploring further the prospects offered by 3D printing in producing new ships for use in SD:TNM. This includes finally making available
the various logistical hulls from the Campaign System, plus finally producing the long overdue Totenkopf battle destroyer for House Colos, and new ships for new House books as we move deeper into the new

6) Finish revising and updating Bladestorm into a more current, more user-friendly format including adapting these handy rules for historical skirmish action.

7) More Metal Express Forum content especially photos of well painted miniatures and models for Bladestorm, Silent Death: The Next Millennium, and our new ventures as they unfold. This means new articles on
modeling terrain, making original kitbashed spacecraft and orbital platforms from empty deodorant containers and such, and adapting proxy models like anime kits to our games to enhance the visual experience
of tabletop adventure gaming with the Metal Express Dice Engine.

Bladestorm is the first of the Metal Express Dice Engine game systems to be published. SD:TNM grew out of the experience garnered from Bladestorm, and we plan to pick up where those that came before us left off, and move these fine games forward into the 21st century and add new genres so all of you may have more opportunities for tactical gaming enjoyment!

So onward into The Great Out There ahead of us in 2015! We have our work cut out for us, and we mean to see things get done.

Warm Regards,

The Metal Express Design Team

Night Brood Alert! Playtesters Wanted!

Ready for playtesting at last, we have new ship displays and rules for the dreaded Night Brood including the six ships that have for so many years now had no ship display available! That’s right, loyal fans of Silent Death, we have ship displays for the Bright Thorn, the Skree, the Scarab, the Eel, the formidable Monarch, and the insidious Worm Pod at long last, so now you can expand your Night Brood swarms and even take on Terran Warhounds as only the vile Night Brood can (and take them out!).

The document for the revised Night Brood ship displays and new weapon and other rules for playtesting is here: Night Brood 2.0 Playtesting Ship Displays (461)


We want your feedback! There is a new topic on the Metal Express Forum where play tester feedback is to be posted and discussed. All contents of the revised Night Brood playtesting PDF are proprietary, and are considered official pending final editorial revision once we’ve enough good data to work with from you, the playtesters!


So suit up, kick the tires and light the fires people! The Night Brood are back, and with a vengeance!IMG_3226

Latest News From The Backnet…

This Just In via TBD: There have been several unconfirmed reports of increasing Night Brood activity involving previously unknown Brood ships. Details are sketchy, but the most disturbing aspect of these reports is mention of a never before seen Brood vessel the size of a large Terran gunboat with devastating firepower capable of fatally damaging a small escort vessel in a single firing pass. Stay tuned to your TBD receiver for further updates as more information becomes available.



Image of reported previously unidentified Night Brood fighter obtained from a confidential source by TNN

Where We’re Going in 2014

So 2012 saw Metal Express bring Silent Death: The Next Millennium back to this classic game’s fans, and 2013 was the year of stasis as Dr. Greaves and I found ourselves completed submerged in our professional duties as educators of higher learning and other mischief. While Silent Death in particular and Metal Express in general didn’t expand on the existing games with new supplements, we did manage to bring back the plastic Core Ships for Silent Death, work out technical kinks in our web store, and perform other behind the scenes chores to make things run smoothly in the web store and on the Metal Express Forum.

Now we’re into a new year, and we’re intent upon making 2014 a step forward for Metal Express in general and Silent Death: The Next Millennium in particular. Hard experience has taught us that we need to accept that as much as we are enthusiastic about Silent Death: The Next Millennium, we have to work within our limited resources, and that includes time. So to this end, we’re setting ourselves a series of goals we’d like to reach over the course of the year, projects we will tackle one at a time, like peeling an onion:


1)   Publish a revised Night Brood supplement and ship stats, including a Design System including rules for Night Brood mutations (lots of radiation out there in space!).


2)   Publish a revised Terran ship design system, and revise all existing Terran ship displays to conform with the revised design rules.


3)   Publish a science fiction ground combat system set in the SD:TNM universe.


4)   Publish a Bladestorm supplement adapting the system to historical setting from ancient times to the renaissance.


5)   Publish a set of WW2 tactical ground combat rules based upon the Metal Express Dice Engine.


6)   Add new ship miniatures to the Silent Death: The Next Millennium range.


7)   Publish new House books for House Red Star, Luches Utopia, House Tokugawa, and other factions  not yet in print.



So there you have it, our goals for the course of 2014. We’ll be giving it all the old college try, however we will keep our aspirations rational and reasonable, and tackle these projects one at a time, like peeling an onion, and in the mean time, start adding new photos and information on the Metal Express Home Page and Forum for the enjoyment of all of you, the loyal fans of Silent Death: The Next Millennium and Bladestorm, who have done so much to keep these fine games alive through all of the trails and challenges that have beset this series once too often for all our liking.

So keep on playing, keep on painting new ships for your favorite House, watch yer sixes, and stay tuned to your TBD receivers for future transmissions on this secure channel!


Leland R. Erickson

Metal Express Creative Content Team Evil Genius in Residence

Silent Death is BACK!!

Metal Express is back and under new management. Veteran Silent Death authors and designers Sheldon Greaves and Leland Erickson are ushering a new era in SciFi miniatures gaming.

Our first year will focus primarily on Silent Death. We are in the process of upgrading and fine-tuning various aspects of this classic miniatures game. In response to requests for greater internal consistency, we are revising Silent Death’s unique ship design system that lets players create their own ships. These refinements will improve play balance and allow for greater varieties of ship designs. In addition, all the core ships are being revised to comply with the new system. For players new to Silent Death, MX is preparing a new starter set.

We are also releasing some ships that never quite made it into production before Silent Death went out of print. The first of these will be the Colosian Totenkopf warhound, followed by some freight and passenger hulls, soon to be part of a new Silent Death Campaign System, currently undergoing revision and testing.

We are developing additional new rule sets and revisions for mines, boarding actions, logistics, and more. All of the original house books are available, and a new revised version of the main rulebook, Silent Death: The Next Millennium is also in the works. This will include the new design system and a few other tweaks to the basic and frequently used optional rules.

Note: If you are a customer who has an outstanding order that was placed under the previous management and have not yet heard from the new management, please contact Sheldon Greaves at mxsavant@metal-express.net.