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HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! May all your dice always roll precisely as you need them to, and may your opponents always suffer the most embarrassing crits possible so everyone can have a good laugh for days to come!


The Team at Metal Express


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Happy Holidays to All!

Holiday Best Wishes to all of you from all of us here at Metal Express! May all of your die rolls in the coming year cost your opponents dearly (and may you all have fun every time)!

IMG_0549Bladestorm Quick-Start Rules 76012015-10-31 18.11.08IMG_0454

Behind the Scenes / New Profession Cards

Here is a little look behind the scenes as the new Profession Cards take shape. The upcoming Second Edition of Bladestorm will let you improve regular combatants by adding a profession to them. Yes, that’s right! Your combatants can now earn experience with each encounter. And IF they survive, they get to buy a profession and develop unique skills with it.

So, instead of being stuck with always the same combatants that you set up for your game, you get to issue a profession that brings with it some bonuses, a restriction and a set of skills that can be improved over time. This will allow you to create an individual group of characters and boss type enemies. The concepts are done and now it’s time to nail down the first profession cards to have ourselves a fun time play testing.

Designing Profession Cards

Each profession will have its game related information concentrated on a card that can be attached to a regular combatant card. In combination, they create a hero ….or a severely evil monster if you will. The image above shows some concept approaches while designing the new profession card.

Stay tuned!

Progress and play testing

Wow! A long week has finally come to an end and I’m way overdue taking notes on what happened around Bladestorm in the past weeks. First of all: work on the new Rulesbook is proceeding as planned with lots of improvements left and right. The new table of contents has been approved and is just coming into effect as the Basic and Intermediate Game chapters have been updated and finished. Yes!!

One aspect of the Intermediate game – the introduction of partial cover outside and inside buildings – has been toned down a little after review by the play test group. Different modes of partial cover would be too much to track and make game play bulky, so we decided to leave but one general rule for partial cover against missile attacks. Just like all other rules, it is supported by notes and examples to ensure easy adaption into your games.

Play testing has yielded a number of interesting results.

2015-10-31 18.11.08

Picture 1: Five players free for all with 1.500 points for each group. Mayhem!

2015-11-01 13.17.44

Picture 2: Five players (2 vs 3), with two converted high level Rolemaster heroes vs. a point equal in Orcs


The full rules – especially the magic system – were tested in a typical tabletop setup as well as on maps with square tiles. The guys managed to review a slew of game concepts and I am glad that the team has two real power players among their ranks. Test matches have every player assemble one or a group of combatants worth 1.500 TPC (Total Point Cost). This way, we get totally different encounters and styles of play.

First of all, I am happy to say that the game works great in both environments: free movement as well as movement on a 1″ square grid is fluent and fun. However, just as could be expected, some imbalances were discovered regarding the point values in the magic system and the value ranges for race modifiers. All this will be taken care of to ensure better game balance in the finished product.

Next up is the consolidated writing of the Standard Game Rules. And to be honest: I can’t wait to start reviewing the spell lists and implement the great realm of Mentalism!

Until next time!