BS2E Progress: 14 New Characters Revealed

Good things take time and after two months and lots of work on all ends I am proud and happy to finally reveal 14 new archetype characters complete with professions. Returning to us from the Realm of Arts is Nicoletta Stavarache, who has previously created the cover art of the new BS2E Quick-Start Rules and Rulesbook. Those of you who have downloaded the Quick-Start Rules already know that it depicts a band of heroes in front of a vast mountain range. These characters now celebrate their comeback as some of the archetypes that can be played out-of-the-box in the new edition. Aside from the existing characters, Nika has created 9 more characters that each represent a unique profession to be played.

Group Photo

The concept of professions is an important new set of rules which allows true heroes and monsters to acquire a set of skills over time. BS2E offers 14 professions that enable you to craft an individual band of heroes with any configuration of arms and magic you desire. Choose from:

  • Fighter
  • Assassin
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue
  • Warrior Monk
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Magician
  • Illusionist
  • Mentalist
  • Lay Healer
  • Arms Master
  • Ranger
  • Paladin

Instead of just being another combatant with improved stats, a hero with a profession can use his skills to make special maneuvers, cast unique spells or deal deadly attacks. If you’re playing a campaign or a longer scenario that includes several encounters you can earn experience points and use these to buy new skills from each character’s skill tree. Our 14 new character archetypes are the picture image of each profession of the game.

Join them in their adventures and bring along your friends.

Until next time!

BS2E Progress: Realm of Mentalism Introduced

This post completes the revision of the magic system for Bladestorm 2nd Edition. At last, the new Realm of Mentalism has been completed. Like Channeling and Essence before, it offers 74 spells in five levels that enable the Mentalist and the Lay Healer as well as future professions to play a very active part in the tabletop game. If you ever thought that mental powers are a poor exchange for a sword or a fireball… think again! The range of spells does not only include such classics as confusion, fear, fumbled weapon attacks, illusions and different types of healing. It also introduces changing the caster into liquid or vaporous form and telekinetic powers that will hurl objects at the target.


As was done previously with the spell lists for Channeling and Essence, we are also introducing “Evil Spells” for those malicious mind benders on the other side of the table. Mental diseases can plague our heroes as much as the phantom that they are battling. And if you thought your best friend was fighting by your side, you might want to reconsider, as his mind has been invaded by the very one who guides his hand.

With the spells and the revamped magic system now being ready for play-testing, we will change our focus back to the creation of new hero professions. The five non-magic professions (fighter, rogue, assassin, berserker and warrior-monk) will soon be accompanied by a range of pure and semi spell users. Each profession will have a read-to-play archetype combatant that you can use immediately to start off the adventure.

Until next time!

BS2E Progress: Realm of Essence Revisited

Yesterday saw the initial finishing for 74 spells from the Realm of Essence. True, a lot of spells were moved over from 1st edition which had an ample amount to start with, but some spells still needed work or were exchanged with new spells from that realm. The ground work we put into the initial setup for Channeling has really paid off, as the concept is able to replicate and adopt variations. While I was working on some of the spells, my inner Grinch was chuckling at the situations that will arise in scenarios. Ideas are already rolling around in my head and as more material gets ready for play testing, so does my wish to start working on scenarios.


Bladestorm Essence Spells

The screenshot above shows the beginning of the chapter which introduces lvl 1 Essence Spells. To better understand the kind of magic being wielded by spell users, each lvl 1 spells chapter gives a brief overview on how this kind of magic manifests itself in the world system. That way, if you want to use Bladestorm to realize larger skirmish battles of a certain setting, you can quickly decide if the magic fits or not.

With the original two magic realms being finished, work will now start on the Realm of Mentalism.

Until next time!!

BS2E Progress: Realm of Channeling Revisited

A small step for the news and a big step for the editor. The first of three realms of magic has been completely redone for the upcoming 2nd edition of the Bladestorm Tabletop Game. The Realm of Channeling covers spells and magic that are granted by a deity to one of its priests or disciples. Typical heroes for such divine powers include pure spell users such as the Cleric and the Druid. Other heroes such as Paladins, Rangers and the Arms Master draw only partly on the power of their deity to boost their fighting skills and supplement their powers in the game. All players wishing to grant channeling spells to their heroes and spell users can now draw upon a tome of 74 spells in that realm compared to 41 in the previous edition. The screenshot below shows the general appearance of our new spell lists (details may still change during play testing, thus the low resolution):

Bladestorm Channeling Spells


Now, one very important aspect during our work on the realms of magic is the fact, that we stay true to the roots. Bladestorm will remain closely aligned with Rolemaster in many aspects. Creating the perfect blend of pen and paper role playing magic with a tabletop skirmish incarnation is a lot of work and requires time. Looking back, redoing the Realm of Channeling has taken many days of research and editing. During that time, some concepts such as a variety of different summoning spells have been implemented. Also, one important aspect for later scenario creation is the existence of explicitly evil spells (written in blood red letters). Players and Game Masters wishing to bring an epic challenge to the table will have a great portfolio of menace to unleash.

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